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Our Seminars can help.

"What’s the best way for my grant to get your attention?"
Panel discussion and dialogue with Grantmakers

"We need to track down funders. Where are they?"
Finding Funders

"How can we make our proposals more effective?"
Proposal writing

"Where do we find a company to sponsor us?"
Exploring the world of corporate sponsorship

"Why did these proposals succeed? How can mine succeed too?"
Winning proposals

"When will the Internet start to pay off?"
Online fundraising

"Other nonprofits get big gifts. How can we get some?"
Major gifts fundraising

"We want more annual givers. How can we help make it happen?"
Annual giving campaigns

"What can I really accomplish on a limited budget?"
Fundraising in the one-person development shop

"We need to raise funds. Where should we start?"
Capital campaigns

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